Lesson 1b - reed leaf: Hieroglyph Tutor

Lesson 1b - reed leaf,  i

The second uni-literal hieroglyph is called the reed leaf, which it depicts.

In some cases it had no sound of its own and simply indicated the beginning or end of a syllable; in other cases it had the consonantal sound like y in "yet."

For convenience, it may be pronounced like ee in "bee."

The transliteration is i.

In Manuel de Codage, type a small i for this letter.

Note: The German transliteration system (used by James Allen in his Middle Egyptian Grammar) denotes this sign as j. In our class, we will use the English system (also used by the French), which transliterates it as i.

Refer to Study Tips, if necessary.

When you feel confident that you have memorized this sign, go on to the next hieroglyph: Lesson 1c - double reed leaf