Lesson 1c - double reed leaf: Hieroglyph Tutor

Lesson 1c - double reed leaf or two oblique strokes, y

The third uni-literal hieroglyph is called the double reed leaf, which it depicts.

It is pronounced like ee in "bee," just like the single reed leaf.

The transliteration is y.

In Manuel de Codage, type a small y for this letter.

An abbreviated variation of the double reed leaf is called two oblique strokes, which it depicts.

Like the double reed leaf above, the two oblique strokes are pronounced “ee,” transliterated with y, and written with a small y in Manuel de Codage.

Note: Whereas the German transliteration system uses y for the double reed leaf, it denotes the two oblique strokes with j.  In our class, we will denote both the double reed leaf and the two oblique strokes with y, following the English transliteration system.

Refer to Study Tips, if necessary.

When you feel confident that you have memorized this sign, go on to the next hieroglyph: Lesson 1d - ayin