Hieroglyph Tutor

Study Tips

Depending on your learning style, you may find some of the following techniques helpful in memorizing the hieroglyphs:

1. Look at the hieroglyph and say the transliteration aloud.

2. Look at the hieroglyph again and write the transliteration.

3. Practice drawing the hieroglyph, referring to the step-by-step graphic. Repeat the drawing, filling a whole row on your paper with the glyph.

4. Look at the transliteration you wrote previously, and try to draw the hieroglyph from memory.

5. Without referring to the webpage, pronounce the sound of the sign, write the transliteration, and draw the hieroglyph.

When learning a new writing system like Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs, it helps to practice reading (saying the transliteration aloud) and writing (drawing the glyphs) at regular intevals thoughout the day, with repetition over successive days.. Focus on a few glyphs at a time, rather than trying to learn all of them at one sitting. We have divided the lessons for the uni-literals into easily managed groups for just this purpose. For example, focus on the glyphs in Lesson 1 (consisting of the first four uni-literals) and review them several times before going on to the next group of glyphs in Lesson 2. As you progress throughout the lessons, don't forget to reinforce your new knowledge by continuing to review the glyphs you've already studied. You can make flash cards to carry with you, or access this website to practice from a computer or other portable device. In this way, the glyphs that now reside in your short-term memory will eventually settle into your long-term memory, and then you will know them forever!