Lesson 4b - dotted-h: Hieroglyph Tutor

Lesson 4b - dotted-h, H (twisted wick)

The fourteenth uni-literal hieroglyph is called the dotted-h.

It depicts a twisted wick.

It is pronounced like the h in "hot," but more emphatically, with a bit of breath--as Allen notes in his Grammar (p. 16), like "someone breathing on their glasses before cleaning them."

For convenience, it may be pronounced simply like the h in "hot."

It corresponds to the Arabic letter ح (Hā).

The transliteration is written as a dotted-h: H.

In Manuel de Codage, type a large H to represent this sign.

Refer to Study Tips, if necessary.

When you feel confident that you have memorized this sign, go on to the next hieroglyph: Lesson 4c - third-h